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Experience the landscape, people, culture and wildlife that makes Sri Lanka a true paradise. Visit a typical Sri Lankan village home and enjoy a cup of tea with juggery.* Spend the night in a ‘watch hut’ keeping an eye out for elephants with just a lantern and the moonlight to keep you company.Read a book on a hammock or play cricket /football with the village lads.

Go on a boat ride, pick some wild flowers and visit the local temple. Let the chanting of the evening prays engulf you in the serenity of village life. We offer a truly unique Sri Lankan experience which can be tailored made to suit your ideal holiday. Be it off road adventure, bird watching, photography, safari trips, BBQ or experiencing the day to day culture and life style of Sri Lankan village life. Whether you want to relax and be pampered, go exploring or bask in the serenity of simple Sri Lakan village life you will find it all at Kamatha Eco Lodge.