Witness the one and only magnificent elephant gathering in Minneriya

Minneriya Jeep Safari, Kaudulla Jeep Safari and Hurulu Eco Park Jeep Safari by Habarana Adventures

Habarana, THE BASE for Minneriya National Park is a rural hamlet in the north central province of Sri Lanka. Habarana is located where A6 Dambulla-Trincomalee road meets A11 Anuradhapura-Polonnaruwa road in the district of Anuradhapura nearly on the border of adjoining district of Polonnaruwa. Habarana's central location within the cultural triangle has made it one of the preferred bases of those who visit world heritage sites of Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa as well as Minneriya national park & Kaudulla National Park.

We at Habarana Adventures provides you guided trips to Bird Watching Tours, Minneriya jeep safari, Kaudulla Jeep Safari and Hurulu Eco Park Jeep Safari experiences and typical Sri Lankan village style stays. Your host and naturalist, Warner; will accompany you in all our trips.

Jungle Camping Experience in Habarana

Go Canoeing, jungle walk, swim in the lakes, go fishing, go ATV rides, go bird watching, walk in the farming fields, walk in the village and the list goes on. Our tented Jungle Camp is situated by the lake bordering Habarana jungle. This is a unique rustic place to experience the wilderness at its best. All meals, chilled beer and BBQ dinners all cooked at the site fresh. This is the place for the adventure seeker.

Naturalist lead Safaris in Minneriya, Kaudulla, Hurulu Eco Park & Bird Watching in Sigiriya & Habarana

Explore the rich bird diversity in Habarana Jungle, Sigiriya Sanctuary and go safari in Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks with our expert Naturalist.